Smoke & Bubble Machines

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Professional fog machine in a compact steel housing. Designed for smaller venues and mobile DJs, this tiny unit is capable of a surprising volume of fog output. Wired remote control is included for fog on demand operation and an adjustable mounting bracket allows the unit to be fixed to lighting ..
Only: £49.00
QTFX-900 mkII FOG MACHINE 900W (free fluid)
Fog machine with wired or wireless remote control. Patented coating inside pipework helps to avoid jams caused by residue build-up and an auto cut-off circuit protects the machine when fluid level is too low. Digital temperature control system maintains a high operating temperature for shorter re..
Only: £69.00
QTFX-LF900 LOW LEVEL FOGGER (dry ice fx)
A compact 900W low-level fog machine uses standard smoke fluid which runs over a tray of ice to produce a heavy low level fog that creeps along the floor. The perfect tool to create an atmosphere in theatres, on a stage, in a film or a display at exhibitions. You can control the output and the ti..
Only: £169.00