About RS

About Us

We specialize in Sound and Lighting equipment: Dj systems, Disco Lights, Sound Systems, DJ Controllers to name a few. We stock so many lines it would be impossible to put all down in print. Our customers range from mobile/residential DJ'S to club owners, churches, social clubs, fitness instructers and even our most recent neighbours Hamley's, Buddy's Diner Shawlands

Where to find us

We also offer installation, hire and repair services. Click one of the links for more information.

We are at the moment operating an on-line business with local delivery whilst we secure our new premises, details to follow.

Anyhow enough of the rambling! If we can help you in any way we are only a phone call away and remember our policy customer service comes first.

Tel: 0141 644 5832 or E-Mail: Sales@r-s.co.uk             

We look forward to your call!